Pedego Interceptor


Pedego Interceptor

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Price:$2500 $2000



An Even More Powerful Design Designed for use by police departments, the Interceptor fuses the cool, comfortable designs of our regular Comfort Cruiser with the power of a 48 volt electric drive system. What does that mean for you? Increased torque and power for those individuals who desire extra help getting up hills. This includes front and rear Avid BB7 disc brakes, front and rear lights, 7 speed gears, left side twist shifter, pedal assist and throttle operations, backlit digital LCD screen with speedometer, odometer and battery meter. The Interceptor delivers faster acceleration while still meeting the government standard of 20 mph top speed and still providing up to 20 miles of travel distance per charge in throttle mode, and up to 40 miles in pedal assist mode. For those who demand the fastest and the most powerful electric bicycle that Pedego makes, choose the Interceptor. Specially Designed Motor Pedego’s 500-watt silent hub motor provides the power to ride comfortably up hills and through heavy headwinds. Pedal assist provides 5 levels of power that automatically support your pedaling. If you regularly ride through hilly or windblown areas, you’ll find this feature extremely helpful. This function is easy to control. Applying a brake automatically cuts the pedal assist power. And it is quickly switched on or off by means of a control screen that sits on the handlebar within easy reach. The pedal assist function can be switched off when a rider wants to use the throttle mode only, or no motor at all. Comfort & Ease Pedego bikes are designed with comfort in mind. It starts with the bike’s forward front crank that allows the rider to sit more upright while pedaling. Additionally, the Step-Thru Interceptor offers a sloping frame that makes this electric bicycle especially convenient for adults and seniors. even the most apprehensive biker can jump on and sail down the street on this bike.

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