KUBERG X-Force PRO 50 Electric Bike - 2017


KUBERG X-Force PRO 50 Electric Bike - 2017

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Price:$3500 $2500



Agile. Light. Powerful. Fun. Made to power through tough, challenging terrain, the KUBERG TRIAL allows the standing rider to take on nature and the elements, and push both their skills and experience to the max. Get ahead of the pack on a KUBERG X-Force PRO 50! Stay ahead of the pack. Race on KUBERG race bikes which have been hand crafted to win. Years of development, experience and skill, coupled with the latest and finest technology. This is the sum of these components. KUBERG racing.

For years the KUBERG Trial E and Cross bikes have been tearing up the track. Earlier this year we launched the HERO Edition bikes which gave riders an upgraded controller, brakes, and fully adjustable air shock suspension. This was a huge upgrade... but what about power? How do we Go Faster and Jump further? Here is the answer. 

X-Force PRO 50 Features:

- FORMULA MINICROSS BRAKES: Massive stopping power and smooth hydraulic operation. The lightweight Formula brakes give you all you need on the racetrack.

- FOOT BRAKE: Get into proper habits early. A professional footbrake to sharpen riding skills and prepare racers for a winning future.

- FRONT & REAR AIR SUSPENSION: Race ready, fully adjustable DNM air suspension, front and rear. Set the bike perfectly for race conditions for unparalleled stability.

- POWERFUL MOTOR : Developed over 3 years and hand crafted by our own R&D department, KUBERG's proprietary brushless DC motor produces 8kW** of instant, linear power.

- KENDA MX TIRES : Professional grade, top end racing tires. With the grip and stability to connect all that power to the dirt.

- SWAPABLE BATTERY : Simply lift the seat, pull out the Li-ion battery, and slide a fully charged one in. Quick and simple.

The Cross X-Force PRO 50 has been crafted far ahead of the 50cc competition and truly sits in a class of its own.

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