KUBERG Cross Hero Electric Bike - 2017


KUBERG Cross Hero Electric Bike - 2017

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The young rider series, evolved. The results of 4 years of feedback from mini pro riders, listening, learning and sharpening. These are the young rider bikes, amplified. Offering the best quality components available, delivering maximum performance and maximum quality, unbeatable and affordable.

Hero Edition Features:

- Watertight Controller

- Advanced Air Suspension 

- Advanced Performance 

- Hydraulic Brakes

With its durable construction, massive power and precision controller the Kuberg CROSS HERO is perfect for advanced riders from 5 to 12 years of age. New riders who want to push their riding to the limits will find the new 2017 CROSS HERO is the perfect machine. While having been specifically designed for riders from 5 to 10 years old, this CROSS HERO will easily carry rider up to 220lbs! Amazing extra powerful 3000 watt motor delivers a serious riding experience. This bike will easily climb steep hills and leap up large rock steps. The motor delivers smooth linear power and has lots of instant torque for incredible acceleration. Speed dial control and other safety features allow setting the bike top speed responsibly to match the actual skills of the young rider.

Powertrain Specs: 

- Motor produces 3000 Watts at 36V

- Batteries are 9Ah SLA x 3

- Controller PWM is 40 amp

- Range Up to 2 hour

- Input Standard 110V or 220V

- Transmission Clutchless one speed

- Final drive 69T / 10T Chain 219H

- Top Speed is typically 17 mph (27 km/h)

- Charge time 6 hours

Chassis Specs

- Frame is made of steel double cradle tube frame, powder-coated

- Wheelbase is 37" (94 cm)

- Seat Height is 20.5" to 23" (52cm w/o seat and 59cm with seat)

- Handlebar Height is 32.5" (83 cm)

- Front Brake is Hydraulic Disc Type

- Rear Brake is Hydraulic Disc Type

- Brake discs - diameter160 mm

- Forks are Telescopic Suspension Fork Spinner Grind

- Shock absorber is a Pro Air Shock

- Tires are 16" x 2.4" KENDA

General Specs:

- Weight 72 lbs (33 kg)

- Color is Black with Green and Grey Accents

- Carrying capacity is 220 pounds (100 kg)

- Warranty is 30 days

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