Kuberg 2016 Cross Electric MX Bike, 16"


Kuberg 2016 Cross Electric MX Bike, 16"

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  • Electric cross bike for kids ages 5 to 12 years
  • Exceptionally rugged 77-lbs. powder-coated steel tube frame and durable construction support up to 220 lbs.
  • 17 mph top speed with 2-hour ride time
  • Powerful, noiseless 36V 3,000-watt electric motor
  • 25” seat height, 16” knobby tires, twist-grip throttle control, hand-operated front and rear brakes
  • Extremely durable powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Highly responsive hydraulic disc brakes and spring suspension
  • Three rechargeable 12V sealed lead acid batteries
  • Fully covered battery and chain guard
  • Parental controls - 3 acceleration modes plus top speed limiter
  • Wi-Fi ready - connect your bike and control its functions using our smartphone app (WiFi adapter sold separately)
  • Made in Europe

The Cross is perfect for young, advanced riders looking for massive power and precision control! Proudly designed and manufactured in Europe, the Kuberg Cross has been professionally engineered by dedicated dirt bike enthusiasts to give your little adrenaline junky hours of full-on riding thrills! With an ultralight weight of only 77 lbs., the Cross features an especially tough, powder-coated steel tube frame and highly durable plastic battery cover and chain guard. But don’t let the light weight fool you! It’s 17 mph top speed and instant acceleration mean your kid will be experiencing some serious power for up to 2 hours of full-throttle riding time – all in near silence so your kid won’t be bothering the neighbors with noise. For parents concerned about safety, top speed and acceleration can be limited to different settings to match your child’s skill level. The electronic controller provides sensitivity to throttle and power exactly when you need it, while the custom suspension and responsive brakes make for a smooth, controlled ride. And with no oil, gas, spark plug, carburetor, kick start or exhaust pipe to worry about, the Cross is simple to maintain.The Cross is perfect for any terrain and can even be ridden where traditional gas motorbikes aren't allowed because of noise or pollution restrictions.

Kuberg is a leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles across Europe and the US. Founded in 2010 by passionate motorcycle enthusiasts with the aim of building serious electric bikes, Kuberg is committed to designing and engineering bikes that meet the highest technical standards for quality, performance and reliability. All our bikes are designed and engineered by dedicated technicians in our own R&D department and are all assembled in our plant using our own parts or parts designed specifically to our specs. This ensures that all Kuberg bikes conform to our mission statement – to create heavy-duty, high-performance electric bikes that deliver huge power, massive torque and unparalleled acceleration with a build quality that’s engineered to last.

MOTOR - 36V, Peak power > 3kW
POWER MODES - 3 acceleration modes plus top speed limiter
TOP SPEED - Approx. 17 mph (28 km/h)
RANGE - up to 2 hours
CHARGE TIME - 6 hours
WHEELBASE - 37” (94 cm)
SEAT HEIGHT - 20.5” (52/59 cm)
WEIGHT - 77 lbs (33 kg)
WI-FI OPTION - set up and control your bike with our mobile app (WI-FI adapter sold separately)

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