Haibike SDURO Cross SM Low-Step 44cm


Haibike SDURO Cross SM Low-Step 44cm

  • Category: Bikes

Price:$2000 $1500



  • Motor: Yamaha PW-System 500W
  • Battery: Yamanha Li-Ion 36V 400 watt
  • Frame: SDURO Aluminum 6061
  • Gears: 9, Speed: 20 MPH

Haibike has created a high quality, high performance line of mid-drive Electric Bikes powered by Yamaha. The Haibike SDURO line is engineered and made in Germany with all the same precision and design attributes as the Haibike XDURO line, but at a more affordable price. The Haibike SDURO line allows many more riding enthusiasts enjoy the results of outstanding design and engineering. Real enthusiasts that are looking for a radical riding experience and accept solely riding machines with the built-in, off-road fun factor. It's time to take a closer look at the SDURO: a powerful, reliable mid-drive, a highly developed frame with a crisp geometry and breathtaking design. Haibike has been the pioneers for highly sportive e-bikes since 2010. Haibike electric bikes started a hype with the SDURO's brother...the XDURO line, that has by now even spread over the European borders to the mother land of mountain bikes: As one of the first brands we are conquering the US market right now with our high-end e-bikes. Haibike's e-performance bikes are built with almost 20 years of experience in the development of classical mountain bikes, that have won world championships and even Olympic medals, as well as half a decade of e-mountain bike development know-how. Because no matter what Haibike builds they build it right - uncompromising and consistently.

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