Electric Bike - Trail Boss 2kW - High Torque for Rugged Terrain - 30 mph


Electric Bike - Trail Boss 2kW - High Torque for Rugged Terrain - 30 mph

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Price:$2900 $2000



  • 48V 15AH Lithium Battery for 15-20 miles of range, NO pedaling!
  • 2000W High Torque Hub Motor w/ Top Speed of 30 mph!
  • No Gas - No Parking - No Pollution - No Oil - No License - No Insurance!
  • Ride to that perfect hunting or fishing spot without scaring your prey!
  • Four times the power of most e-bikes! It's fun, not work.

Whether you love biking through nature, have a real purpose for off-road riding, or need a hunting bike, ElectricRider's best electric bicycle for the job is the Trail Boss. ElectricRider's Trail Boss Electric Bike is the real deal, able to fold and fit in your trunk, yet quietly cruise at 30 mph to get to that perfect hunting hide-out! ElectricRider has hand selected the right systems for specific applications, and the 2000W Phoenix Brute 4840 has the high level of speed and torque required to do the job. With an abundance of torque and acceleration, venturing into nature on a completely silent electric bike powering you through the obstacles offers an experience that some adventurers have only dreamed about, and most have never considered. This very powerful motorized bicycle is designed for off-road use, but like most well designed modes of transportation, this amazing 2000W electric trail bike has no problem taking to the streets, hills, or beaches. The digital dashboard display (APM-Display) allows you to limit motor power to remain street legal, or set maximum power for off-road e-biking. The Montague Paratrooper folding frame is designed for military use, making it light yet durable, and compact yet full-featured. The Trail Boss comes equipped with an extremely light-weight lithium manganese battery weighing under 9.5lbs! With the 15AH extended range lithium battery the average rider can expect anywhere between 15-20 miles of range without pedaling, and over 30 miles with pedaling! This 2000W electric bicycle is focused at very high performance. Please practice safe riding habits and never exceed your personal limits! Call or write with any questions, our expert staff is more than happy to help!

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