Category V Electric Skateboard


Category V Electric Skateboard

  • Category: Electric Skateboard

Price:$1100 $700



  • The Worlds FASTEST and LIGHTEST electric skateboard in it's class!
  • Dual 1000 Watt BRUSHLESS out-runner motors ensuring Extreme Acceleration
  • Comprised of specially engineered carbon flex to add maximum maneuverability while riding
  • Design and Structure of the Category V allows riders up to 220 lbs and Speed up to 30 MPH
  • Weighing 15 lbs, fully charged ride ranges between 12-18 miles

The CATEGORY 5 designed exclusively by THE ELECTRIC ACADEMY had two things in mind, and that is to develop and co-produce the worlds FASTEST and LIGHTEST skateboard in its class, today, the realty is here. Category 5 says it all, speeds reaching nearly 30 mph and weighing in at a mere 15 pounds, give or take. The Category 5 represents what every long-boarder dreamed of, high speeds up and downhills, no need for car rides any longer for your next downhill run. Back-stopped by dual motors spraying out 2,000 watts of power, the thrill of this board is over-the-top sick! Not to mention, the LiFePo4 flex battery under the board decking and carbon flex material provides maximum performance for drifting, carving, and flat out drag-racing the street. Thankfully, with 3 speed adjustment, a rider can graduate from slower speeds up to the fastest production board made in the WORLD! DECKING: • Comprised of specially engineered carbon flex to add maximum maneuverability while riding. • High performance super grip 80mm urethane wheels. • Dual 1000 watt brushless out-runner motors ensuring extreme acceleration. • Custom 9-cell 7ah high cycle life LiFePo4 batteries with the ability to flex with board deck design. • Wireless remote control and braking systems on handle with one finger operations. • Allows riders up to 220 lbs • Super light-weight board MOTOR: • All new 2,000 watts of power for peak performance. • Torsion Truck System Patented in US # 5853182 • Wireless Remote Control Patented in US # 5893425 • Top speed up to 30 mph • LiFePo4 Lithium flex battery which is light weight, faster charging times. • Pistol grip controller allows the rider to control the speed and control the “gear” selection for slow, medium, and high speeds. • ABS braking systems • Charge time from dead to full 2 hours. • Ranges between 12 and 18 miles DIMENSIONS: • Board length is 38.5”, width is 9” and height off ground is 5”

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