Brand New Gas Powered Drift Trike with 6.5 HP Engine


Brand New Gas Powered Drift Trike with 6.5 HP Engine

  • Category: Trike Motorcycles

Price:$2100 $1450




  • Tubular steel frame
  • Front disc brake with hand controls
  • Threadless headset
  • BMX style stem with chopper handlebar
  • Soft rubber handgrips
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • Hard molded racing seat
  • 16” Front wheel with wide street tire
  • Plastic sleeved rear wheels for maximum drift ability
  • 6.5 Horsepower gasoline engine

The Brand New Renegade Gas Powered Drift Trike 6.5 Motorized Wide Edition is the long awaited gas powered drift trike. Do you live on flat land? Need something more than pedals to get around? Get yourself a Renegade and Get Your Slide Right! The Renegade is built to last! On road or off this thing is badass. Everywhere I go I get people asking me about it or wanting to take it for a ride. Slick lines, beefy construction, fast as hell. Top speed is about 35mph. You can now choose your own upgrades like powder coat color, rim size, and disc brake size and type. Check back soon as more options will be add like engine power hop ups and sprocket ratios for more speed and more torque. Why get stuck with a single purpose rig when you can have both. All Renegades come with detachable powered rear ends that allow you to switch between gravity and powered axles.

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