200cc Road Rat Racer XR


200cc Road Rat Racer XR

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Price:$1700 $1250



Brand: Road Rat
Model: Racer XR
Seats: Padded Bucket
Top Speed: 45mph governed, up to 60mph ungoverned
Chassis: Steel
Dimensions: 70" long x 48" wide
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake system
Engine: 6.5hp 4 Stroke
Displacement: 196cc

Load capacity: 300lbs
Wheels: 10" front tires, 11" rear tires
Other Info: Racing Steering Wheel, Foot Controls, 90% assembled
Colors: Black or Silver

Frame material: Mild steel
Wall thickness: 2mm
Thickness of rear axle: 40mm
Chassis Tubing: 32mm diameter
Rear axle material: Aluminum
Type of hubs used: Aluminum hubs
Bearings: Roller bearings
Front spindles: 17mm

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